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The PROaqua 4200
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The PROaqua 4200 drinking water filter can be configured in more than 100 different ways - according to the respective pollution and to suit the user's needs and wishes. 


Bacteria Filter

- filters out all existing bacteria, parasites and microorganism without residues -



- prevents the development of bacteria and microorganisms -





- removes lime and cations, e.g. ammonium and potassium -



- enriches water with calcium and magnesium -


Selective NITRATE-Resin

- removes anions, e.g. nitrates, nitrite, sulfates -


Activated Carbon

made from coconut-shells

- removes organic substances (e.g. pesticides, hydrogen carbon halides), hormones, chlorine, substances which can be tasted and smelled, etc. -


REDOXOL-SM/Fe granulate

- removes heavy metals (lead, cadmium, nickel, etc.), trace elements (iron, manganese, copper, etc.) and reduces of chlorine and bacteria -